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Millennium mills
May 08, 2020 11:54 AM PDT
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A haunting experimental mix here, a tune out mix ideal for concentration we feel, but use as you wish.
Inspired by a building in London's docklands that always gave me chills as it loomed over the Thames as a young lad.
This mix contains mostly dark with some short bright spells.
Always listen responsibly.
The beautiful Photo is by Katie Wignall https://lookup.london/millennium-mills/

Anticrombial tomb seat
April 29, 2020 01:57 PM PDT
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Just lush ambient with the odd drone thrown in for good measure.
Maybe a couple of curve balls too.

This isolation business is causing maximum productiveness, already completed 2 mixes this week alone.


April 25, 2020 02:28 AM PDT
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“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion."
This is dedicated to the deep thinkers.
Stay safe x

Scapa flow
April 23, 2020 01:56 PM PDT
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This is one of those mixes where it starts off with all good intentions, you know, light and airy.
But I'll have a break and come back a few hours later to finish it to find that the second half morphs into this real gritty and dark, and i mean proper dark animal of a mix.
I make no excuses or apologies for it.

Sorry about the gaps of sometimes long periods where we don't upload mixes.
It takes a while sometimes to get in the right mind set to put together a mix like these.
We have to draw on our dark side and get to a certain place mentaly before we put together a mix with this kind of music. We really need to draw on our muse, sometimes she can be a bitch but most of the times she comes through.
We want to put out quality mixes where it feels like you are staring into an abyss of a cold and lifeless horror, not one that feels like having a picnic with birds cheaping with Ed Sheeran playing in the back ground.

Oh, and the first track "Thaw by Abel de beer" and its remixes can be bought from the following link

Call me when this is all over.
March 31, 2020 11:44 AM PDT
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Light and dark, Happy and sad, Our current moods. I offer 63 minutes to forget whats going on in the world. Enjoy, and stay safe. x

Luce e oscurità, felice e triste, i nostri umori attuali. Offro 63 minuti per dimenticare cosa sta succedendo nel mondo. Divertiti e stai al sicuro. X

Svetlyye i temnyye, Schastlivyye i grustnyye, Nashi tekushchiye nastroyeniya. YA predlagayu 63 minuty, chtoby zabyt', chto proiskhodit v mire. Naslazhdaytes' i ostavaytes' v bezopasnosti. Iks

Clair et sombre, Heureux et triste, Nos humeurs actuelles. J'offre 63 minutes pour oublier ce qui se passe dans le monde. Profitez-en et restez en sécurité. X

Hell und dunkel, glücklich und traurig, unsere aktuellen Stimmungen. Ich biete 63 Minuten an, um zu vergessen, was in der Welt los ist. Genießen Sie und bleiben Sie sicher. x

All is not lost.
March 17, 2020 01:19 PM PDT
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How i love ambient, an escape from myself and the panic around me.
Take a breath, relax, All is not lost.

February 15, 2020 11:53 AM PST
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A proper full on experimental journey this one. Too many late nights and too much coffee is to blame. A proper "out there" mix. Don't try and make sense of it, you can't.
It is rather good in our humble.
Very dark, very us. Enjoy.

Uncharted destination
January 27, 2020 12:30 PM PST
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An audio trip into places that not many venture into.
Rife with Ambient and experimental music and, of course, the odd curve ball.
"If you try to make sense of it you are missing the point."
Enjoy responsibly. x

January 18, 2020 01:42 AM PST
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First for a while, Apologies, life got in the way winking

No beats, just fluid ambient / experimental to tune to.
Сначала какое-то время, извиняюсь, жизнь мешала winking

Никаких ритмов, просто текучая среда / экспериментальная настройка.

D'abord pendant un certain temps, Excuses, la vie s'est mise en travers winking

Pas de battements, juste un fluide ambiant / expérimental à régler.

Pĕn khrậng ræk nı k̄hṇa thī̀ k̄hxthos̄ʹ chīwit dị̂ nı thāngwinking

mị̀mī cạngh̄wa tên pheīyng chı̂ k̄hxngh̄elw l̂xm rxb/ thdlxng prạb tæ̀ng

.The music you hear in these mixes on this website is for entertainment purposes only. We DO NOT own rights to any of this material. The media files posted here were created for experimentation and entertainment reasons only, not profit. We are not the authors or owners of the copyrights for most of the musical tracks included in the mix. If you like the mixes, support the artists and go and buy the originals.
Play list available on request. Representatives of either the artist or publishing company can contact us, and we will remove the requested songs from the site. If representatives of either the artist or publishing company have concerns, please contact us.

Farewell, Doomed Planet
October 29, 2019 02:54 PM PDT
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We are privileged to feature Elizabeth Joan Kelly in this months mix.
A New Orleans-based electronic composer. She uses found sounds and MIDI to create lush soundscapes at the epicenter of synthpop, industrial, ambient, darkwave, and classical music.

Featured in this mix are selected tracks from her new album Farewell, Doomed Planet,
An album about the apocalypse. And Chernobyl wolves. Pollution, space travel. Existential dread. And whales. 

A thought provoking journey of a collage of sound that tells a story.

1 Whaliens
Elizabeth Joan Kelly

2 Feral at night
Elizabeth Joan Kelly,

3 Cosmonaut chorus
Elizabeth Joan Kelly.

4 Exclusion zone earth
Elizabeth Joan Kelly'

5 Harm
Elizabeth Joan Kelly-

6 Beau Travail
Elizabeth Joan Kelly_

More tracks and more can be found in the links below.
Or just google her. We did. and liked what we found.
Show the love people,


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